15 Hilarious Rip-Off Gaming Consoles You Won't Believe Got Made

"Hey guys, I've got the new Super PolyStation ready to go!"

This might be a 90's kid thing, but did you ever come across some weird-looking third-party game device back in your youth that you either snapped up 'cause "Hey, video games!" or was then bought for you later down the line? Before gaming got taken into the mainstream and everyone and their granny knew their Wiimotes from their popsocks (or something), everyone capable of programming a few blips n' bloops into a visual interface was having a go at the old 'plug n' play' market. Now, you'd assume that following the cultural boom people would be more aware of what they can and can't get away with - especially when even the slightest thing will get you landed in court with a hefty fine. However, it didn't stop these guys, and instead what you're about to see is a collection of the weirdest, most obviously copyrighted and downright hilarious bootleg consoles that have emerged over the last couple of decades. They're the sort of thing your gran buys with the best intentions and you end up fake-grinning your way through Xmas morning, but all the same free from the social stipulations of having to champion your *ahem* 'Super Polystation' for the family, it's worth having a laugh at just how ridiculous all of these are.
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