15 Impossible PlayStation Trophies Nobody Unlocked

They're rare for a reason.

Although Sony's trophies were pretty much only created to rally against the hugely popular Xbox achievements, the hunt to unlock these sorts of digital goodies was felt just as strong no matter what console you were playing on. However, the addition of actually being able to see just which achievements were the rarest made unlocking them on Sony's consoles that little bit more competitive, as it meant there was genuine pride (and bragging rights) if you could get any ultra rare trophy on your PSN profile. In fact, some trophies proved to be so elusive that they essentially went down in gaming myth as the biggest tests of skill Sony's consoles had to offer.

Whether it was finishing a stealth game without being seen or being the top of the leaderboards in certain online titles, the skill and dedication it took to unlock some of these trophies was often well and truly epic. However, some of them simply weren't worth the punishment the game would put you through. You know the ones, they're the type of trophies that you have to ignore your education or job to achieve, virtually demanding every single ounce of your spare time to come even close to unlocking them.

If you ever see any of your friends with these trophies on their PSN account, you know for a fact they've got some war stories to tell.


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