15 Mind-Blowing Facts About The PS2

15 years on, the PlayStation 2 is still impressing gamers.

PlayStation 2 dashboard

Back in 2000, Sony's Playstation 2 hit markets, quickly establishing itself as one of the best-loved and most popular video game consoles of all time.

Expanding heavily on what had made the original Playstation so well liked, the PS2 offered enhanced graphics, a library of games which make any other device jealous, and some nifty media capabilities that thrilled users. No doubt about it, the PS2 was special, and incredibly remains a valid piece of hardware to this day.

Sure, later consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One blow it out of the water, but there's still something so endearing about the sleek black design, the little spinning Playstation logo on the disc tray, and the charming quality possessed by many of the games available on the system. To this day, people are still playing their PS2 consoles, which really goes to show what kind of mark the system has left on the gaming world.

Definitely one of the greatest machines of all time, the Playstation 2 still has some facts that gamers are only finding out all these years on. Contained here are 15 of the most interesting factoids from the PS2's life span, proving once again just how awesome this piece of kit was, and remains to be.

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