15 Most Infuriating Video Game Boss Battles Of The 2000s

Listen close, and you can still hear the developers cackling away to themselves.

Although they appear to slowly be going out of fashion in 2015, overcoming an arduous boss battle should always be a staple part of any gamer's diet. They shape us as players, as digital tacticians and analysers of a given game's hardest moments. They remain some of the most satisfying experiences you can ever have in the medium when done effectively, and distilled down, can showcase why gaming is so worthwhile and enjoyable as an interactive art form. That said, to truly pose a challenge to the player, said boss needs to be one hell of a roadblock to your progression. So much so that they're going to take dedicated practice and hard work to overcome - which is part and parcel of why so many modern developers abandon them altogether. The assumption is the player will get stuck or sick of the game and never complete it - which is bad business and news for any future sequels or green-lighting spin-offs. Chances are you already know a good handful of bosses that were great fun to take down... whilst also simultaneously being white-knuckle thrill-rides purpose built to push your reflexes to breaking point. We've all got those digital nemeses we'll never tackle again in a million years - but then again; that's what makes them so special in the first place.
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