15 Most PHENOMENAL Video Game Moments Of 2023

The EXACT moments 2023 gaming was unbeatable.

At this stage we know 2023 was a landmark, historic year for video games. You can't go a single day without another five recommended titles arriving on the immediate horizon, or a retrospective pointing out a hidden gem or three you missed from a prior month.

With that in mind, it's less about trying to play every last worthwhile title (because that's nigh-impossible at this point), and more about zeroing in on - and celebrating - the specific moments in these games that were raise-the-roof INCREDIBLE.

Whether unique, experimental level design, a well executed character moment, boss fight, line of dialogue or anything else, with the year we've had, it's worth taking a step back and indulging in pure admiration.

Because when the buffet is this vast; this outright recommendable, sometimes you just need to know where to look.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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