15 Most Realistic Looking Wrestlers In WWE 2K16

The best of WWE 2K16's graphics.

One of the very first things that fans noticed about WWE 2K16, was just how horrible some of the wrestlers looked. Once you had seen how 2K had mutilated the usually beautiful Renee Young, it became hard to take the game seriously. Then there were other graphics botches, including an unusual looking Roman Reigns and a disastrous Stephanie McMahon. However, in other areas, 2K did a fine job on creating realistic looking wrestlers. It is as if they spent ages perfecting some talent, while rushing through other animations. The following are the most realistic looking wrestlers in WWE 2K16, side by side with the real thing. If you only play with these wrestlers, you may be able to fool on-going watchers into believing they are real.

15. Triple H

Surprise, surprise, 2K paid special attention to making sure WWE's favourite son looked awesome. There's been a trend for years in WWE video games, where the game designers would always give Triple H a favourable representation. Both in terms of stats and appearance, Hunter has benifited from what could be called good video game booking. 2K16 is more of the same, with the graphics being almost life like during Triple H's ring entrance. All of the lighting and atmosphere are also spot on, meaning that it truly is "time to play the game" when you step out as Triple H in WWE 2K16.
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