15 Problems Only Dead Space Fans Will Understand

Being a Dead Space fan isn't all fun and games.

Being a Dead Space fan isn't always easy. With three main line games, three spin-offs, two animated movies, two novels, two graphic novels, and two comic book series, there's a lot to take in, and plenty to put up with. Perhaps best known for their outlandishly gruesome games, Visceral (formerly known as EA Redwood Shores) goes out of their way to make the Dead Space franchise as disgusting as they possibly can, in more ways that one. This has caused quite a stir from parents, to such a point that they would use older women in their "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2" campaign. Dead Space has been a series that's seen its fair share of controversy, both from gamers and non-gamers alike. This is to be expected; it is an EA game. What this means for the most dedicated fans of the franchise is putting up with a lot of first world problems that other gamers never have to deal with. Everyone knows the big issues, like EA refusing to believe a horror game will sell, and then saying if the third game doesn't sell a ridiculous amount of copies, it cannot justify its existence. Yes, it isn't all sunshine and roses for fans of the Dead Space franchise. However, this list won't cover those big issues. It will instead focus on the pettier, more inconsequential faults that become huge nuisances for long-time players. If you've invested dozens upon dozens of hours into this series across multiple playthroughs, viewings, and readings, you've likely become accustomed to these problems that other players just wouldn't understand.

15. Waking Everyone Up When A Hunter Or Ubermorph Appears

Everyone remembers their first encounter with the Hunter in Dead Space. Trapped in small dark room, you desperately attempt to stave off the hulking monstrosity marching toward you. Once you've completely dismembered it, you realise to your dismay that it cannot be killed, and will regenerate any lost limbs. As it starts to regenerate and power walk towards you, that's when the screaming begins, and the sleep of your family, friends, and neighbours ends.
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