15 Things We Learned From Sony's Paris Games Week Livestream

The Last of Us Part II is going to shock people.

Naughty Dog

Sony recently talked-up their keynote livestream at Paris Games Week as "the second half of E3", after many PlayStation fans were left disappointed that E3 didn't really do all that much for them, especially in terms of new games and actually announcing release dates for long-revealed titles.

Their short but sweet PGW livestream certainly did a fine job addressing those complaints, and while it still left a number of anticipated games without concrete release dates, it was clear that Sony wanted to come out all guns blazing.

From finally showing off much-discussed new IPs from some of the hottest studios working today, to ticking a few entries off from indie wishlists, assuring everyone they still care about VR and showing off more from some of 2018's most anticipated games, the show was a rousing success for the brand on the whole.

Fingers crossed that Sony is holding something back for PSX in December to leave PS4 owners truly hyped for the year to come...

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