15 Times Video Games Mocked You For Earning Achievements

Be careful, these WILL show up on your permanent record.

Lollipop Chainsaw Upskirt Achievement
Grasshopper Manufacture

You're supposed to be proud of a video game achievement. There to show everyone you're essentially better than them at a given release, many players treat these mementos as something to be relished. There's also the advent of Microsoft implementing Rare Achievements: harder-to-acquire milestones that make an ultra sweet ting, ensuring that unlocking them feels incredible.

However, thanks to some tricky game developers, many achievements aren't a medal of honor. Instead they exist to let you know... that you suck, that you're not so smart, or simply that you're a troubled individual. These aren't ones you flaunt in your friends' faces. There's no feeling of accomplishment, just one of regret and shame. You accomplished something not great, but so bad, weird or questionable that the developers needed you to know about your supreme level of suckitude.

All in all, these achievements are ones to avoid, as once you "accidentally" trigger them, they remain on your profile forever - with a timestamp to boot.

15. You're A Pervert And Everyone Needs To Know - Various

Lollipop Chainsaw Upskirt Achievement
Duke Nukem 3D

Admit it, everyone does questionable things while they are playing video games. You've gone to the strip club in GTA, you looked up the secret, fake cheat code to make Lara Croft topless. Go on, admit it. Now imagine a game going out of its way to shame you for your hornball ways.

In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, if you decided to shoot a picture of some erotic "equipment" in the Uranus part of the mall, you'll earn an achievement called "Adult Content." The achievement description even mocks you, saying "If your mother knew about this..."

In Duke Nukem 3D, you get an achievement for tipping a stripper, letting everyone know you took your time ogling those 3D boobies.

While relaxing in a hot spring in Asura's Wrath, if you stare at the attendant's "assets" too long, they'll cover themselves in shame and you'll unlock an achievement.

Finally, in Lollipop Chainsaw, the game where you wear a cheerleader uniform and have an oral fixation for lollipops, if you try to peak up Juliet's skirt you'll earn "I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!"

Hopefully these aren't the first achievements you unlocked in their respective games.


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