15 Upcoming PS4 Exclusives Games You Must Consider

As if Metal Gear Solid V wasn't enough...

It's almost two years since the PS4 first hit stores, and with huge games like Metal Gear Solid V finally coming out, the console appears to be escaping its growing pains and establishing itself as the console to own (or if you're rich enough, one of the consoles to own). Most consoles don't reach their peak for several years, and the PS4 is unlikely to be much different, likely hitting its stride in 2016 through to 2017. This wouldn't be too surprising given the classic franchises getting their latest entries of differing varieties, alongside all those tasty new IPs on the horizon. Sony may be holding the sales lead against the Xbox One by a huge margin so far, but as last-gen showed, the gaps can easily close over time, so Sony will be trying to avoid complacency by serving up a platter of terrific AAA and indie games alike for the foreseeable future. These are the games which hold the most hope, regardless of how they end up...

15. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Release Date: October 9 The Buzz: Even if you've never played the Uncharted games, you're doubtless aware of their immense commercial and critical success. All three games have been beautifully remastered in HD, and though so many of these collections tend to cut corners, it's clear from the gorgeous screenshots released so far that even 2008's Drake's Fortune looks fabulously up-to-date with its array of slick new textures. As if that wasn't enough, the compendium is already earning rave reviews from critics, with some even citing it as the best HD collection ever made. With Naughty Dog's meticulous attention-to-detail, though, is it really all that surprising? And though this collection may've been a ripe time to introduce the franchise to either PC or Xbox One, it looks like the series is planting its roots firmly at Sony's feet for the foreseeable future. If you've not played the original trilogy yet, this is an unmissable proposition ahead of next year's fourth game.
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