15 Upcoming PS4 Exclusives Games You Must Consider

13. Rime

Release Date: TBA 2016 The Buzz: Despite having the best company name in the business, developers Tequila Works didn't exactly make much of a splash with their first game, 2012's Deadlight, but they're sure to remedy that with Rime, which follows a boy attempting to make his way off a remote island. The gameplay largely consists of open-world exploration and puzzle-solving, with a minimalist narrative and beautiful, cel-shaded visuals. To look at the game, you'd swear it was the latest production from Team Ico (well, apart from The Last Guardian): it looks gorgeous, contemplative, and with a vulnerable youngster as its protagonist, potentially emotional. The game was first revealed over two years ago and still doesn't have a firm release date in sight sadly, so you may still be waiting upwards of a year for this one to land. Still, from what's been shown off so far, it looks like it'll be more than worth the wait.
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