15 Video Games Everyone Expected To See At E3 2018

Superman pulled a no-show.

Superman Rocksteady

With the dust beginning to settle following the week of annual madness that is E3, it's fair to say that everyone's got their own passionate opinion about who "won" E3, which conference was the most unbearably cringe-worthy (it was Bethesda, by the way), and which widely-expected games were the most bafflingly absent.

These 15 games basically all seemed like pretty believable bets to appear at one of this year's conferences, either because the timing was absolutely right, the developers had started to hint at a reveal to come, or the ever-reliable E3 leaks indicated an announcement was imminent.

In reality, though, all 15 of them skipped out on this year's show, leaving fans shocked, disappointed and perhaps even legitimately mad.

At least there are plenty of other high-profile events later in the year where some if not all of these games could be revealed - Gamescom, TGS, Paris Games Week, PSX or The Game Awards - but given the extremely high-profile nature of E3 in particular, it really felt like the right time for these reveals...

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