15 Video Games That Desperately Need A Nintendo Switch Port

You know you'll double-dip.

Gta V Switch

Six months on from the Nintendo Switch hitting stores, it's safe to say that the handheld-console hybrid is a storming success, and certainly won't be repeating the Wii U's mistakes.

One of the most exciting things that's become clear recently is just how much third-party support the Switch is getting, with a wealth of hit games both new and old getting ports to the platform.

While some might decry the prospect of the Switch becoming a glorified third-party system rather than doubling down on original Nintendo titles, it's undeniable that bringing more classic games to the console will help it thrive, especially with more casual players.

With developers now going all-in on porting games to the platform, one has to wonder what other, much-loved games could end up making their way to the Switch?

From recent smash hits to collections of iconic franchises, if these games get ported to Nintendo's terrific new device, you know you won't be able to stop yourself from double-dipping, your wallet be-damned...


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