15 Worst Street Fighter Characters Of All Time

From martial arts masters to... skinny dudes in skeleton costumes?!

One of the most important things in a fighting game is to have a core of characters that gamers can gravitate to; combatants that stand out in terms of design, catchphrases, moves or their role in the game's mythology. In Mortal Kombat you have Scorpion and Sub-Zero, in Tekken you have Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya and in Street Fighter, there's Ryu, Chun-Li, Zangief et al. Once a fighting series has established this solid core of memorable characters, the developers can afford to start getting experimental in later games in the series, which is when the weird and the notoriously crappy creations start to surface. In a way, no fighting game would be complete without its share of creative hiccups, and as the hotly anticipated Street Fighter V is about to drop February 16th, now seems a good a time as ever to reflect on the comical, terrible (and even mildly racist) characters from the history of the series.

15. Darun Mister

A character so poorly thought out that Capcom didn't even both to translate his name to mean something coherent in English, Darun Mister (Mr. Darun, maybe?) is an Indian wrestling champion and essentially a poor man's Zangief. It doesn't help Darun's case that the only appearances he ever made were in the dark 'EX' ages of the Street Fighter in the late 90s, which is when the series made a clunky foray into the 3D plane (which it soon retreated from). As such, we remember Darun as little more than the cuboid lump you see above. While he's not likely to make a return any time soon, he's been replaced by another questionable giant...

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