15 Worst Video Game Box Arts Of This Generation

Boxing not so clever.

EA Sports

Just as its end hoves into view, EA Sports has, quite appropriately, absolutely kicked it out of the park with unquestionably the worst box art the generation has seen. And we say that with absolutely no hint of hyperbole.

Honest to goodness, FIFA 21's triptych of covers look like they've been designed by my mum during the course of an hour-long evening computer graphics class. You almost feel sorry for box star Kylian Mbappé, the French forward not afforded the ultra-cool studio treatment of his forebears, but instead having a series of ten quid Getty images slapped alongside a stock image of a net (because 'football', innit?)

To be fair to EA, the travel restrictions of the current climate probably means an expensive photoshoot has been off the cards. All the same, couldn't a studio with their almost infinite resources have managed something a tad better than this? Apparently not.

Until their big Mbappé disasterpiece, truly, hilariously terrible box art was actually fairly thin on the ground for this generation. The days of minimalist Master System oddities and westernised horror shows are long gone. But that's not to say every box on the shelf over the past half decade or so has been a winner.

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