15 Worst Video Game Characters Of 2013

A great year for games. Less so for game characters...

2013 was another great year for gaming with some of the best games of all time being released in the last 12 months. Games like the Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite raised the bar in terms of storytelling and the characters they featured, and they almost single-handedly pushed games further into the mainstream and did the whole industry a massive service in being considered art on a par with movies and TV shows. But while some writing was redefining the genre, there were still a few embarrassing blemishes on gaming that cropped up over the course of the year. Big name studios dropped the ball on massive franchises, and new releases that otherwise promised much and delivered unfortunately little. It wasn't just that some games were unforgivably broken or under-cooked, or execution was uninspiring, it was something more fundamentally wrong in the writing and planning. Clearly, a game can only be as strong as its characters, and without appeal on that front, even the mightiest developers can see their games fail, or at least disappoint against the backdrop of high expectations and massive potential. And such was the case in 2013, when we were introduced to some memorably poor characters, and forced to come to terms with new versions of beloved characters who completely missed the point of their original appeal. So with that in mind, in this list, we look at fifteen of the worst characters to grace our consoles in 2013...

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