16 Rarest Xbox 360 Games Ever

You could be sitting on a goldmine.

Microsoft may currently be in a bit of a reshuffle right now, ditching the Kinect entirely as they scrabble to gain a solid footing on this generation, but not two years ago they were on top of the world. Sony revealed they were going to capitalise on the success of the PS2 by charging people almost a month's wage for the PS3, with Director Ken Kutaragi mentioning fans would want to "work more hours to buy one". That - justifiably - became a crucial misstep in their PR rollout, providing Microsoft with the perfect opportunity to swoop in with the consumer-focussed 360, rallying everyone under one roof and creating one of the most popular systems of all time. Now that generation has come to end and you've amassed a solid collection of titles though, it's not so wise to start throwing them away. In fact, quite the opposite - as despite an impending digital future threatening to clean your shelves for good, there's a whole bevy of games from the 360 that are worth a pretty penny, especially online. Some are just titles that only had a limited run for one reason or another, whilst others are pre-order bundles or limited edition add-on packs you initially coughed up the extra cash to pick up, only to slowly fall out of love with over time. Let us know in the comments if there are any I've missed off, as there's every chance us gamers are worth far more than we originally thought.
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