17 Video Games Totally Missing From E3 2017

Where the hell were they?

Death Stranding Mads Mikkelsen
Kojima Productions

The early consensus on this year's E3 this seems to be that it was the most disappointing of the last few years, due to a general lack of megaton announcements and the clear litany of games that were absent from the show desperate being revealed a good while ago.

It's possible that many of these games may have indeed been announced too early, and so they're now being held back in order to control hype until a little closer to release.

Other games, meanwhile, haven't even been formally announced yet even though they've largely been tacitly confirmed by those close to the production. Just show them already.

In part this year's underwhelming E3 speaks to the generally lessening influence of the show, especially with the likes of Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Game Week, The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience being spread throughout the rest of the year.

All the same, these 17 games left fans crestfallen with their infuriating absence...


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