18 Best Indie Games Of The Decade (So Far)

It doesn't take millions of dollars or multiple studios to make truly great games.

Indie Games
Klei Entertainment/Yacht Club/SuperGiant Games

Where do you look for the best of the best in gaming these days, following so many micro-transaction filled, "Pre-order this now!" triple-A titles? Where are the studios putting out games not based off a corporate spreadsheet passed between hundreds of people, all trying to do their respective jobs, but losing the core thread that binds it all together?

Indie games, that's where - at least for the most part anyway.

Right now there's definitely a case of way too many 2D side-scrollers being thrown on the monthly subscription storefronts of both the PS4 and Xbox One - and although some of these are great, sufficed to say you didn't shell out half a grand on some new hardware to play something that looks like it belongs on a phone from five years ago.

Needless to say the whole 'indie developer' movement essentially has the same feel to it as in the movie realm - artsy hipster-ish counter-culture toss that only the most jaded critics ever 'get'; things that despite some good intentions, just aren't actually that fun to play.

That said though, there are plenty of incredibly creative titles put together with the best of intentions, and like the Zeldas, Metal Gears and Grand Theft Autos of this world - it only takes one team of incredible individuals to execute on their concept for the whole world to take notice.

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