18 Best Video Games Of 2017 (So Far)

17. NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds
Mad Dog Games

To this day I lament the loss of NBA Street after its lacklustre third instalment, but at least we have Playgrounds; Mad Dog Games' more NBA Jam-inspired take as a tide over.

Staged as a two-on-two match setup, the focus here is on meticulous stat tracking and constant momentum-swings, matching steal stats with oppositional defence, long range three-pointer shots with fearsome sky-leaping blocks.

Amidst all this is an art direction and animation style that makes for some gloriously OTT slams and court-leaping dunks - enough to scratch the age-old NBA Street/Jam itch, whilst also adding a layer of tactility and depth that differentiates Playgrounds as a worthwhile investment.

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Gaming Editor

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