18 Essential PS4 Games Every Owner Must Play

Are you really getting the most out of your console?

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Despite opinions across the board on the new generation of consoles being a bit mixed, sales for the machines themselves - and particularly the PS4 - haven't abated since launch; to the point where as of time of writing, Sony are sitting comfortably with around 35 million units and Microsoft are behind at 20 million.

Alongside this huge proliferation of sales and cultural impact, are some of the greatest games of all time - they're just releasing far more sporadically than on the last generation. The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Bloodborne - third-party developers are definitely picking up some of the slack, but it's resulted in a smattering of titles simply every owner must play.

No matter if they're exclusive or the cream of the third-party crop, if you have a PS4 and the ability to experience the following 18 games, you owe it to yourself to play every last one of them.

18. Bloodborne

Bloodborne the old hunters
From Software

Dark Souls 3 has finally dropped and is busy giving players another dollop of FromSoftware's unique brand of gothic fantasy, but 2015 saw them branch out into more Eastern horror, delivering an experience that was lathered in bloodstains as it was brutal to complete.

Nothing tests your gaming mettle like a Souls game - or what is still ostensibly a 'Souls game', despite what anyone says. For Bloodborne, I'd recommend it over Dark Souls 3 specifically because the story and lore is far easier to grasp, as oppose to having to scour wikis or watch multiple Youtube videos to even comprehend the premise.

You're a hunter, there's a township in need of saving and a ton of transforming weapons to deploy in some of the most satisfying and tactile combat in gaming history. Grab your axe that doubles as an extended spear, and get to it.

Bloodborne is available to buy from Amazon.

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