18 Greatest Last Levels In Gaming History

18. Aircraft Carrier - Crysis

Crysis Aircraft Carrier
Electronic Arts

Just when you think it's all over, they pull you back in. Having escaped to sea on an aircraft carrier, your transport is suddenly bombarded by an alien menace you had seemingly all but eluded up until this point, leading to one of the most explosive missions ever featured in Crytek's first person shooting series.

With the entire carrier crumbling around you, there's a certain sense of emergency imbued into Crysis' final level. Blasting your way through a sinking ship while aliens tear through the hull, resulting in disorientating flooding hitting you at every single angle feels genuinely cinematic, and you truly get the sense that you're fighting on the back foot after being taken by surprise by a smarter, better equipped enemy.

As comrades are being brutally murdered all around you it's up to the exo-skeleton clad Nomad to take on the invading forces, holding off enemies before going down in a quite literal blaze of glory.

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