18 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About DOOM

Doom was inspired by...Tom Cruise?

The original Doom changed the course of the video game industry for good. Its meteoric rise to popularity ushered in a new era of games development, birthing a genre which still remains one of the most popular and financially viable of its kind.

Like any revolutionary product, the backstory behind the Doom franchise is long and fascinating. The success of the original Doom accompanied the rise of a company whose impact on game development can still be felt to this day, while the franchise itself has provided millions of people with hours of blood-soaked entertainment while simultaneously causing a moral panic.

Indeed, the history of Doom is home to some of the most interesting behind the scenes tidbits that enrich one’s appreciation of this now 23 year franchise, as well as the overall influence it had on both the video game industry and the world at large.

18. It Began Development As An Aliens Game

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Before Doom was ever conceived as a battle against the legions of Hell, it originally began development as an Aliens game. Like many game developers, id Software was inspired by the James Cameron sci-fi classic, and wanted to make a shooter based on the film.

Id even went as far as to court Twentieth Century Fox for the license. However, eventually they realized that such a deal would only limit their creative freedom, so they ceased negotiations. Programmer John Carmack then suggested they swap the Aliens with demons from Hell, allowing them to create their own monsters and mythology while at the same time retaining the science fiction/horror atmosphere they drew inspiration from.

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