19 Amazing Screenshots Of Hilarious Gaming Bugs

Messed-up faces, horrific mutations and twisted environments!

Making a fully-functioning video game isn't easy, even with millions of dollars invested, and an experienced team of hundreds. The fact is, just about every game is going to release with a bug or two, no matter how thorough the quality control might have been. This issue has become particularly prevalent in an industry where the open-world game is king. Large sandbox worlds are a lot more difficult to test than the linear, enclosed levels of old. Developers like Bethesda have been particularly known for their buggy releases, which is often due to their incredibly open games that offer countless permutations. In some cases, certain glitches and bugs have become just as famous as the games in which they feature. The legendary 'Missingno' from Pokemon Red and Blue is now remembered just as fondly as many of the legitimate creatures in the game, despite only existing as a garbled mess of textures. Other times, the high density of bugs can render a game almost unplayable. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Unity has been frequently cited as an example of this, after many players were left feeling cheated due to broken missions, missing textures and dodgy clipping. This list takes a look at 19 amazing screenshots of absolutely hilarious bugs. With creepy clones, distorted bodies and horrifying mutants, no game is safe!
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