19 Things We Learned From The Metal Gear Solid Series

From genetically-modified soldiers who can't die, to mind-reading boss battles and cyborg ninjas, MGS has taught us a hell of a lot.

As Metal Gear's latest release Ground Zeroes continues to dance the line between 'worthwhile purchase' and 'paid-for demo', it's prompted many to reminisce on the series that once was. The very idea of actually evading enemies rather than engaging them was pioneered by one Hideo Kojima all the way back in 1987 in the original Metal Gear, but it wasn't until the series made the jump to 3D in 1998 with Metal Gear Solid that the world's collective jaw hit the ground. Scrambling to take in the infectious blend of East-meets-West ideologies and humour, along with a truly unique playstyle that was yet to be exploited and a sense of cinematography never seen before in gaming, Metal Gear hit the ground running, instantly fostering a diehard fanbase that are still with them to this day. Speaking of which, the series now has a myriad of titles under its belt - there's even a card-based spin-off in the portable-only Metal Gear Acid - and it's about time we dissected the fantastically enjoyable masterpiece for all it's worth. Perhaps you're one of the aforementioned diehards in need of a gruff-voiced fix of nostalgic goodness, or you're one of the people who's been feeling the murmured rumblings of the fanboys for almost a decade and a half, wondering just what are some of the series' highlights? Either way, this list contain some spoilers, but nothing detrimental to your enjoyment should you decide to give the franchise a go.

19. A Man Made From Hornets Is Not The Craziest Thing You'll See

Oh don't get us wrong, it's definitely up there, but when you also have an man so old and stationary he's begun to photosynthesise, someone made of hornets is about on par with the giant smoke-cloud from LOST. Come to think of it, that might be just as insane. Regardless, Snake Eater's first boss is a man who can fire hornets out of his mouth, which does more to remind everyone of Homer Simpson's description of Burns' dogs doing a similar thing with bees than it does to create a formidable boss character. Oh and did we mention in the series' canon he helped win World War II using his little warriors to turn the tide for the Allies? Welcome to Metal Gear.
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