19 Things We Learned From The Metal Gear Solid Series

16. A Bandanna Can Produce Endless Bullets

Metal Gear Solid had a wealth of unlockables, from different colours of armour with which to don the antagonistic Cyborg Ninja in, to a more James Bondian tuxedo to sneak about in style. One of the more off-the-wall entries was a bandanna that provided Snake with infinite ammunition for any gun in his inventory. In addition to this, followup Sons of Liberty's foray into octopus-tentacled bad guys also included a fantastic moment where Raiden queries Snake's ability to fire off continuous shots, only for him to point at his bandanna and exclaim, "Infinite ammo." Brilliant.

15. "Kuwabara, Kuwabara" Is An Old Japanese Phrase

Time for something that's actually a pretty cool fun fact amongst all this other rib-tickling goodness: the imposing warblings of enemy Colonel Volgin in MGS3 are taken from the real world tale of a people terrified of lightning strikes. Being that Volgin's very body emits electricity naturally, his utterance of the above phrase is a genius inclusion, being that in real life it was said to be chanted by the people of Kuwabara to ward off lightning from their land.
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