20 Best Indie Games Of The Decade

Between 2010 and 2019, what blew you away?

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Ninja Theory/Devolver/Galactic Cafe

This decade has been outstanding for video games.

Despite the array of hardware we've had access to - from 3DS to Switch, PS4 to Xbox One X - the games themselves only got more experimental and confident when it came to what a "game" even is.

The early 2010s encapsulated this best, and birthed the indie scene as we know it today. The trio of Limbo, Fez and Super Meat Boy all landed on Microsoft's fantastic Live Arcade service, ushering in years of smaller, homegrown projects with purely creative souls at the core.

Since then, the term "indie game" has changed and grown considerably. Today it can be applied to the likes of Rocket League and A Plague Tale: Innocence, where for a time it only brought about connotations of side-scrolling pixel platformers and "walking simulators."

Overall though, the indie scene has become the beating heart of gaming; the place so many of us go to see where real originality lies, when so many larger teams have become increasingly corporate and risk-adverse.

With so many games to choose from between 2010 and 2019, let's try and put them in a definitive order.

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