20 Best PlayStation 3 Games

PS4, you've got quite a legacy to live up to!

Heavy Rian It's been a fun seven or eight years, but the Playstation 3 is finally nearing the end of its life. Sony has stated that they'll be dropping support for the console after next year, and the bulk of new releases for Sony consoles are squarely focused on the Playstation 4. The Playstation 3 had something of a shaky launch, with stock problems and some technical issues. However, with some stunning exclusive releases and the hugely successful Playstation Plus subscription service, the Playstation 3 has gone on to be a beloved home console. Together with the Xbox 360, the last gaming generation has been the longest ever, and it's played host to some huge advances in the industry. From online gaming to motion control gimmickry, it's been a good time to be a gamer. In celebration of the life of one of gaming's greatest consoles, here's the 20 greatest ever Playstation 3 games. These are the releases that were either best played on the PS3, or exclusives that were reason enough to buy the console. There'll also be a top 20 hitting What Culture next week for Xbox 360 games, so don't worry too much if some of your multiplatform favourites aren't featured here!

20. Super Street Fighter IV

Originally released in 2008, Street Fighter IV was the first numbered release in the series in almost a decade. Considering the game had ten years of hype and a huge, dedicated fighting community anticipating its release, there was a lot resting on the shoulders of Street Fighter IV. Fortunately for fighting fans, Street Fighter IV was a hit, both commercially and critically. With a tight combat system and beautiful cel-shaded graphics, the game was a truly worthy entry in the series. Numerous updated versions of the games have been released for the game, with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming out in 2010, and Ultra Street Fighter IV arriving just last month. It's Super Street Fighter IV that was the most noteworthy though, featuring numerous improvements such as ten additional fighters and the Ultra Combo system.
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