20 Best Video Game Boss Battles Of The Decade (So Far)

2. The Spider - Limbo

Limbo Game

There are two types of people in this world - those who are scared of spiders, and those who lie about being scared of spiders. Yet in most games (and, in fairness, most films) the eight legged monsters are usually totally overblown, badly created, and focus far more on how disgusting they are rather than how psychologically unsettling they can be.

Enter Limbo, a frankly brilliant puzzle platform side-scroller from Danish developer PlayDead. Incorporating elements of film noir and combining it with a frankly nightmarish tone, the game's pinnacle comes with the frequent and terrifying encounters with a giant spider. At first you're required to outsmart it, but eventually things just turn into a straight up panicked attempt to flee it.

It's persistent, original, and most of all, horrifying. Where so many designers have tried to make spiders scary by making them 100ft tall and frothing at the mouth, PlayDead absolutely nail the experience by simply making it scuttle and scheme.

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