20 Best Video Game Exclusives Of The Generation

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's top contenders. Who's the very best?

Video game exclusives 8th generation eighth generation

How weird is it that we're almost at the end of the current generation?

Laughing at Knack and The Order: 1886, watching Arno's face fall off in Assassin's Creed Unity. It all feels like yesterday.

And yet, the eighth generation spanned almost a decade of titles and talking points. We had the first "half-step" systems since Sega tried their luck with 1994's 32X for the Mega Drive, and Nintendo returned to a pop culture-dominating, gamer-pleasing form not seen since the N64.

As for Sony and Microsoft, they've completely switched positions. Microsoft entered this generation with a dominant lead and a solid, positive reputation - only to squander it all with that misguided Xbox One reveal.

Sony were the opposite. Languishing with a lack of PS3 exclusives worth buying the system for, they seized the opportunity for a fresh start, made Xbox a laughing stock, and have only gone from strength to strength when it comes to first-party releases.

As you'll see, Sony first-party was something else this generation. The bulk of the following ranking is made up of their releases, and praise where it's due: this is the strongest slate of exclusives in PlayStation history.

Still, they're not the only dog in the pound, and with Nintendo and Microsoft also vying for space, what are the best exclusives of the generation?

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