20 Best Video Game Reveals From E3 2018

Can ANYTHING top The Elder Scrolls VI?

CD Projekt Red

E3 is over once again for another year, and despite there being an unprecedented level of leaks before the event even began, each of the major developers and publishers still had plenty of surprises and reveals up their sleeves.

With Microsoft showing over 50 games on their stage, Sony doubling down on exclusives (with a couple of third-party announcements tucked away as well) and Nintendo delivering a short-but-sweet barrage of trailers, there was an overwhelming amount of reveals for fans to sift through in the days to come.

From new IP to long-awaited entries into gaming's most popular franchises, there was perhaps more variety than ever at E3 2018, but some of the announcements certainly left a larger impact than others.

Consequently, it's time to take stock of the major titles which took centre stage and figure out which impressed the most. To clarify before we begin though, games that have had multiple reveals before the event rather than a single teaser, like The Last of Us 2, aren't eligible for the list - even though there's a couple which would have easily been contenders for the number one spot.


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