20 Best Video Games Of 2016

Every single one of these has a claim for the top spot.

best video games of 2016
Sony/Naughty Dog/Square Enix/Blizzard

As we collectively get ready to shut the door on a truly terrible year, it's worth taking a look at one element of 2016 that was consistently outstanding - its video games.

Yes, whilst wispy-haired megalomaniacs were taking office and the Coral Reef was withering away into nothing, the games industry was pumping out solid title after solid title, pretty much every month.

Everything from narrative-heavy point n' clicks to action-filled blockbusters, brain-breaking puzzlers to record-breaking open-worlds - put simply, as 2016 already gave you an excuse to batten down the hatches and wait it one out with your console of choice, there were myriad of reasons to do so in style.

I've already covered which games are the Most Underrated and Most Disappointing, but what about the Game of the Year? That'll take some whittling down...


20. Mafia III


Remember the first time you played Vice City?

It was a revolutionary step towards an era in GTA's history that remains its all-time peak: One where Rockstar put just as much effort into crafting immaculate world aesthetics and soundtracks as they did gunplay, violence and the script itself.

Flash-forward to 2016, and phenomenal sound design is only the tip of the iceberg.

Mafia III is easily one of the most immersive and finest open-world titles in years, one that despite the repetition inherent in its basic gameplay loop of combat and stealth, excels thanks to fantastic writing, a risky time period and a cast of characters that all deserve their place in gaming's history books.

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