20 Best Video Games Of 2019 (So Far)

Capcom is back, but are they number one?

Resident evil 2

This far into the generation, every developer is firing on all cylinders. The tech has been out there long enough, various deals have been struck to ensure exclusives, and across the PS4, Xbox One and Switch, literally millions of consumers are eagerly awaiting their next purchase.

Best of all, as we head into the Summer months, scores of sales mean you'll be able to snap up the following titles for a fraction of their original price. But what to focus on?

2019 has been nothing short of a phenomenal year - saying nothing of how eventful it's been across the board. We've had everything from E3 showing its age to an indie-funded console called the "Playdate", a smattering of returning franchises, exemplary remakes - even Nintendo skimped out on dropping a new Switch model at E3, just to do it on Youtube in the middle of July.

The gaming industry is certainly changing as we close out the remaining years of the current generation, but that only means you have years' worth of titles to snap up - now including the best of 2019, at least so far.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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