20 Best Video Games Of 2019

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Owl

Rare is the perfect game. The title that knows exactly what it can offer, where the developers' specialities lie, and how to execute on them.

Sekiro represents everything FromSoftware have been working towards since 2009's Demon's Souls. Adding basic elements like cutscenes for storytelling and a talking protagonist(!), the former gameplay-heavy dev now had a narrative underpinning to every last one of your actions.

In terms of gameplay though, that's where Shadows Die Twice is second to none.

Much has been made of the game's brutally unforgiving difficulty, but it's all in service of the purest sensation of reward in gaming history.

The harshest mountains result in the best summits, and Sekiro is a cerebral challenge through and through.

Thankfully, combat is pixel-perfect; the new abilities and parrying system literally letting you respond and counter-attack as fast as your brain can process information.

If you can get on board with what Sekiro is putting down; its gorgeous world, deep progression, secrets areas, bosses and overall feeling of developer artistry, there's nothing like it.

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Gaming Editor

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