20 Best Video Games Of 2020

Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, DOOM Eternal, Last of Us 2 - who wins?

Miles Morales The End
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With 2020 finally coming to an end - after [insert thoughts here on Obvious Horrible Thing We've All Endured] - it's time to take stock of what went right.

Because of all the things that were reshuffled, delayed, revamped or otherwise overhauled, gaming - for the most part - thundered on.

Yes, we've had personnel shakeups like veteran Bioware staff departing the studio or high-profile titles like Halo Infinite delayed into 2021, but across the board there's been a ton to be thankful for.

Namely, the games themselves.

From the mighty Cyberpunk 2077 finally releasing after eight years in production, to mythical projects like Final Fantasy VII being remade, to awesome next-gen-feeling efforts like Demon's Souls or practically any older title played upscaled with Auto-HDR on an Xbox Series console.

It's a damn good time to be following this industry, and as the next generation roars into life, let's rank the finest titles from the last year of the current one.

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