20 Biggest WTF Gaming Moments Of The 2000s

The moments in 21st century gaming that made you sit back as ask yourself "...WTF just happened?"

For a game to truly be considered great it must have at least one moment that makes the player sit back and simply try to take in what they have just experienced. For some this means a moment of such unbridled quality that the player ends up struggling to comprehend just how something so amazing has been crafted for their machine. Others simply offer something so out of place in their particular gaming world that players can't resist a little chuckle before wandering to themselves just what on Earth the developers were smoking when they made it. Since the dawn of the new millennium the increased graphical and technical capabilities of consoles have given developers more opportunity than ever before to create moments that astound, amuse or simply confuse the gaming public. While similar moments in retro gaming certainly had their own impact, each new generation of consoles brings with it an increased potential to create something that players have never seen before. To quote a famous superhero's uncle - "With great power comes great responsibility." The games on this list have taken that responsibility and used it to create moments that live on in the memory - for better or for worse - that can only be described by one phrase: WTF?

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