20 Comic Book Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

Sure you've seen the movies, but how good is your game collection?

Long before Hollywood's superhero revolution introduced the world to everything from Infinity Gauntlets to quick-witted ant-commanding burglars, gaming was the only other medium doing the source material justice. Granted it was the Arkham games that really kickstarted everything and proved a superhero title could actually be considered one of the greatest games of all time, regardless of genre, but going as far back as Batman's movie tie-in on the Genesis/Mega Drive, there's something about gaming as an active medium that really gives these properties some of their best treatment. Civilian in harm's way? You'll be the one to don Spidey's web-shooters before swinging in to save the day. Troupe of gangsters arming up to take over a shipping yard full of cargo? It'll be you under that cape and cowl, breaking jaws and leaving them all in a pile of moans and broken bones. Watching something like the mega-budget panning shot from the close of the first Avengers most definitely gets your blood pumping, but what of the titles that put you right in the middle of a thousand similar scenarios? Which superhero titles completely embody their characters, from spandex to trenchcoat, alien symbiote and back again? Let us know in the comments what the all-time greatest and most essential comic book video games truly are, as the following 20 make for one hell of a selection to get started.
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