20 Controversial Sony PlayStation Adverts You Won't Believe Got Made

Nothing sells a console like a orgies and animal abuse. Wait... what?!

Remember when Sony were a bit... weird? 90's kids will quite possibly shudder at the recollection of a certain 'alien girl' PlayStation advert, whereby a strangely shot Scottish model recanted vague metaphors about what it meant to apply yourself to something - "Mental wealth", apparently. Following that, the PS2 continued the weirdness with a string of bizarre French adverts (more on them later) before Sony had an entire campaign shown in cinemas for the PS3, whereby a cavalcade of overblown characters tried in vein to get on with each other in a surreal hotel. In short; pretty much everything they'd previously done was as much about games as Warner Bros. add-on plans for Arkham Knight are about customer satisfaction, something that the more you think back on it, is a damn good thing they had so many impeccable franchises spearheading the rest of their commercial impact to fall back on. From Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy through Uncharted, Bloodborne and whatever's coming up at E3 2015, Sony's exclusive lineups have always sat front and centre as the defining reason to invest in their hardware - as it surely wasn't any of these absolutely asinine creations that hooked people otherwise. Brace yourself, it's not going to be pretty.
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