20 Greatest Ever Pokemon Designs

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Most people tend to groan when I start babbling at them about Pokémon, I€™m not sure if this is because I€™m almost in my twenties or if they just have no joy in their hearts, but either way. Pokémon unfortunately evokes groans, Pokémon is a game that should not be discussed at dinner parties or while talking to the queen. Which is a pity, really, because Pokémon games are some of the best games in the world and really should be treated as such. Much like Doctor Who, they teach you vital life skills. Such as how to love, how to maintain a sense of adventure and how to defeat gym leaders to gain little badges that probably aren€™t worth that much (€Probably not that last one). Pokémon, for me, has always had associations of joy. And, when I€™m feeling a little bit sad, I always like returning to the sense of happiness it creates. Oh, and also the prettiness. For the Pokémon games are often pretty. No, more than that €“ they are really, really pretty. From the music to the locations they generally provide a certain look that can€™t help but thrill (well, if you have joy in your heart, of course). And, beyond that, they provide creature designs that have often made me bounce with sheer joy. Beautiful, fierce and often downright charming €“ I have never felt as attached to a group of pixels as I have with certain Pokémon. And why not? For every misjudged one there is a perfectly conceived one, for every ugly one there is a beautiful one, for every one that you shove to the back of your memory as soon as possible there is one that€™ll live in the consciousness forever. Pokémon can be beautifully designed, and I truly think that certain ones should be celebrated as much as possible.
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