20 Greatest First-Person Shooter Levels Of All Time

Ravenholm First-person shooters have been a staple of the gaming industry since id Software first popularized it with the likes of Doom and Wolfenstein. Over the years, there have been some truly genre defining games such as the Halo and Call of Duty franchises. The games themselves emerge you in the world of the character you control. seeing everything through their eyes. The weapons as well have helped the genre to become a staple, with the devastation of the shotgun at close range to the lethal sniper if you prefer to pick your targets off at a distance, and when your ammo is all gone, you can always rely on your trusty knife or go toe to toe with your enemies and beat them to a pulp with your bare fists. Here we count down the 20 greatest first-person shooter levels of all-time from a whole variety of genres.

20. Death Valley - Turok

turrok The reboot of the Turok series was awesome. You are pitted against both human enemies as well as dinosaurs, though this can be used to your advantage by pitting them against each other at various points throughout the story. After the previous mission, Turok and Slade encounter a valley full of Hadrosaurs. They spot a cave on the other side of a bridge but a Giganotosaurus shows up to spoil your plans, as well as Utahraptors that continuously re-spawn. While Turok tries to take on the Giganotosaurus, Slade reaches the cave entrance and tries to get Turok over in one piece. When Turok does reach the cave, they jump in and realize that it's home to the albino raptors, which Turok and Slade kill in order to make their way out of the caves. Slade discovers a shotgun and uses the flare to distract a group of raptors. After this they are assaulted by countless more raptors until they reach the exit of the cave. As Turok makes his way to the level exit, and sees an enemy encampment being attacked by the raptors. You can either interfere or let one faction take care of the other, then kill the victor.
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