20 Greatest Multiplayer Games Ever

19. Mario Kart 64

Developer: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo 64 Release: 1996 Mario Kart series has always done an admirable job of being accessibly for non-gamers, while still keeping veterans interested. Mario Kart 64 was arguably the best in the series when it came to couch multiplayer, thanks to some of the best levels in the game and the Nintendo 64 console's square focus on local 4-player gameplay. The game featured some of the best tracks from the entire franchise, with particular favourites including Wario Stadium and Bowser's Castle. In general, the weapons managed to be varied while not being too unfair or silly, and helped to make up for players with lesser skill. Fast and addictive, Mario Kart 64 is a brilliant party game that can legitimately claim to be fun for all the family.
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