20 Greatest Nintendo Games Ever

From Animal Crossing to Zelda, here's a collection of Nintendo's greatest ever games.

While they might not be quite the dominant industry force that they once were, Nintendo is still a huge figure in video games. The creators behind of many of the best-selling games and consoles of all time, Nintendo have always been one of the key driving forces behind bringing video games to the mainstream. Nintendo was founded in 1889, originally producing handmade playing cards. After numerous different ventures, including a franchise of 'love hotels', the company moved on to video games in the 1970s. Following the success of their arcade games, most notably Donkey Kong, Nintendo launched their handheld gaming devices, the Game & Watch series in 1980. It wasn't until 1983 that Nintendo finally crossed over into home consoles, with the phenomenally successful Japanese release of the Famicom. Released in the west as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the console took the whole world by storm, forever altering the state of home gaming. This list takes a look at the 20 greatest games ever developed by Nintendo, from the NES era all the way to the modern day. Note that only Nintendo-developed games will be included, so that means no Pokémon, Metroid Prime or Donkey Kong Country. You can expect more than one appearance from a certain Italian plumber though!

20. Animal Crossing: Wild World

Release: 2005 Platform: DS The DS sequel to the incredibly popular GameCube game, Animal Crossing: Wild World was a better game primarily thanks to its mobility. While not a game for everyone, Wild World was as relaxing as it was charming, and the online capabilities made for almost limitless replayability. Wild World's main draw was its ability to transport players into a virtual world, in which the excitement came not from action or battles, but by keeping up relations with your neighbours and tending to your house and garden. If you're patient enough to fall for its charms, Animal Crossing: Wild World has the potential to ensnare you for years.
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