20 Greatest Video Games Of The 80s

Timeless icons and under-appreciated gems from the early days of gaming!

80s Montage The '80s might be well-known for the video game crash of 1983, but the decade saw the release of some of the greatest games of all time. Home to groundbreaking consoles like the NES, Commodore 64 and Mega Drive, the '80s was witness to both the fall and incredible rise of the entire video game industry. Along with big changes in the commercial industry, a huge technological and creative shift in gaming took place during the '80s. The early stages of the decade were home to very simple, arcadey titles with little complexity. By the end of the decade, games had become far more complex affairs, often with sprawling narratives and high levels of interactivity. While the following decade saw games that reached levels of graphical fidelity and intricacy far greater than anything before, many incredibly influential titles were released during the '80s. Plucky newcomers Nintendo launched many of their most popular IPs at this time, and others created entirely new genres that have since gone on to be staples of gaming. This list takes a look at 20 of the greatest games to come out of the '80s. From legendary icons to underrated gems, these are the brightest and best that could only ever have come from this incredible decade.
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