20 Iconic Gaming Moments You Must See Before You Die

You can't truly appreciate the medium until you've seen these first-hand.

video game moments

I've always wondered if there's some sort of science - a concrete formula, if you like - behind the creation of hugely iconic moments in video games.

I mean, when you consider that several specific moments from hugely-popular Nintendo games have made the cut alone, you have to start wondering if the Big N has some sort of mouldy bit of paper tucked away in a vault somewhere. A balled-up, time-tested tome of importance that they refer to when designing an iconic sequence like Link removing the Master Sword in Ocarina Of Time.

They're hardly the only ones, though. Spanning the entire history of the industry, there are those special moments that occur where you just slump back in your chair and wonder how anyone will ever top something so memorable.

Here are 20 iconic gaming moments that you need to experience as soon as possible.

20. Gentle Giants - Shadow Of The Colossus

Team ICO

Being asked - usually told - to kill monsters, robots or other people is hardly a novel concept in video games, so why does Shadow Of The Colossus make you feel uneasy after every Colossi kill, evoking the same sort of emotion as when you witness the realisation on a child's face when they discover that Father Christmas doesn't exist?

It's all about the innocence, right? Sixteen gargantuan entities, just living in harmony with the world, not causing any trouble to others, are hounded down and slaughtered at the hands of Agro - a well-meaning adventurer who just wants to rescue his poor lover, Mono.

Each successive battle comes hand-in-hand with a grander sense of spectacle and scale, but at what cost? Do these graceful beings all deserve to die for your own selfish desires?

Apparently so.


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