20 Incredibly Important Video Games That Shaped The Industry

18. Snake

Why It Is Important: Snake single-handedly proved the viability of mobile phones as a gaming platform. They may have fallen on hard times in recent years, but back in the late 1990s Nokia were a forward-thinking, highly innovative company that dominated the mobile market. They had the ingenious idea of including a game on their 6110 handset. It turned out to be one of the many reasons why the product sold like hot, strangely indestructible cakes. The game of course was Snake. The objective was to collect as much food as possible and make the snake grow without hitting the its body. Much like Tetris, the game would speed up as the player's score increased. Snake was a massive hit and it became synonymous with early Nokia phones. And just like that mobile phones became a platform for gaming, paving the way for the smartphones that would later follow. Thanks to Nokia people around the world no longer had to idly stare into space while doing their business on the toilet. After all, nothing took your mind off a particularly troublesome bowel movement better than a quick game of Snake.
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