20 Infuriating Video Game Bosses Nobody Beat First Time

Anyone who says otherwise is just straight-up lying.

Everyone loves a good boss battle. Whether it€™s finally being able to give the smarmy villain of a game a well deserved beat down or just the thrill of finally putting a few hours worth of practice and skill to good use, the satisfaction that comes with besting a particularly difficult boss battle is almost unparalleled. However, some games want to take you to the farthest reaches of frustration before allowing you the sweet satisfaction that comes with dominating a given set-piece. The insane difficulty of these face-offs may feel well deserved, but sometimes it can almost seem like the developers are getting their kicks from seeing you try tirelessly over and over again, just to beat a boss who thrives on pulling out cheap tactic after cheap tactic. Regardless of whether or not the difficulty is justified through every other part of the game's design, the fact of the matter remains that there are simply some bosses that no one managed to beat on their first try. You can complain that it€™s the title€™s fault or you can buckle up and take the responsibility yourself, it doesn€™t change the fact that every player has their own war stories from when ridiculously hard enemies dominated them over and over. Sure that€™s part of the fun, and the communal sense of euphoria and respect that comes with these defeating these particularly egregious antagonists is just about worth all of the controller-throwing frustration they'll put you through. Just about.

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