20 Most Addictive Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

"Just ONE more game..."

Addictive Video Games
Nintendo/Rockstar/Team Meat/Blizzard

There's something to be said about when a game completely nails being a game, y'know? None of this 'walking simulator' nonsense, no overlong cutscenes, no in-depth character work, dialogue trees or inventory management.

Just create a set of pure gameplay loops, give us responsive controls, a sequence of levels and a reason to complete them (usually said gameplay loops are fun enough) and we're off to the races.

Video.games. Just like momma used to make.

This generation especially, we appear to have hit the glass ceiling with graphical design, as so many developers have moved away from trying to create the most accurate facial technology ever, or the most eye-popping particle effects, instead refocusing on gameplay and substance over style.

That's why the likes of Rocket League was received so well, and why you'll see Sony and Microsoft allow many smaller indie developers to showcase their work on those respective stores. After all, in the realm of infinite shelf space, why not highlight every possible gameplay mechanic?

Some work better than others, but let me know which games you're totally addicted to in the comments below...

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