20 Most Embarrassing Video Game Moments Of The Decade

From botched launches to PR nightmares, we were all shaking our heads.

ride to hell retribution

Since 2010, gamers have happily gone from one generation of gaming to the next, watching the industry evolve and the games around it do so as well.

However, not all forward momentum is smooth, not everything is green grass and blue skies, and sometimes things happen, situations present themselves, that leave us sitting back with a handful of popcorn watching the drama unfold. Or... we sit scratching our heads in utter shock and confusion as to what's transpiring in front of our eyes.

Whether it be a PR nightmare, a hacker's vengeance or a company's complete lapse in judgement, there have been quite a few things that left gamers in shock and awe over the years.

While some will certainly be forgotten about eventually, other moments will forever live in infamy. Just like no one will be forgetting the infamous lines of "Riiiidge Racer!" or Sony's crab-slaying press conference in 2006, with a new decade comes new blunders, and here's to all the beautiful disasters we've witnessed so far...

20. Flappy Bird Creator Can't Handle His Creation

ride to hell retribution
Dong Nguyen

Back in the summer of 2013, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone playing Flappy Bird on their phone. Its simplistic survival design became a competition between all of us, just to see who could last the longest and build up the highest score possible. 

Well, all that came to an end in February 2014, when creator Dong Nguyen removed the game from the app store permanently. While at first it seemed to be a sort of breakdown for the creator, as he tweeted, "I am sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore" it was later revealed by Nguyen he removed the game from the marketplace because of its addictive nature, which it most certainly possessed. 

For this, Nguyen said he felt immense amounts of guilt. On top of this however, Nguyen said his life was never comfortable after releasing the app, even receiving death threats after the app was taken down. 

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