20 Most Powerful Video Game Weapons Ever

The most powerful weapons in the history of gaming - ranked.

Deep Silver

There are two types of video game power fantasy, when you boil it down to the basics:

The kind where your character is naturally imbued with the power to complete a task easily, and where you're given a tool that helps you do the same thing. Video games have given us both of these things in equal measure over the years, but there's something unbelievably cool about wielding a super-powerful, all-killing... thing, right there in your hands.

There's something so viscerally satisfying about a really good video game weapon. Mainly because it's YOU behind the trigger, but compared to famous weapons from movies, books or TV, gaming tends to hold nothing back, cementing our beloved medium at the top of the firepower food chain.

However, assuming all video game weapons share the same universe and mythology, which would come out on top?

Which are the most versatile, consistently useful, and of course, which make the biggest boom?


Note: We'll stick to one weapon per franchise, just to keep things interesting.

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