20 Most Terrifying Enemies In Video Game History

The monsters that always keep you looking under the bed.

Horror video games

There's a wide gulf between playing a scary game and cracking open a book. No matter how disturbing, heinous or downright petrifying the words across a page may be, it's still possible to exercise some measure of control over how many protective barriers to put between you and the story. After all, you're the one turning those pages. Likewise, any good horror film is only as effective as the amount of emotional investment you're willing to pour into the experience.

Ultimately, there's little to stop you from simply isolating yourself behind a wall of self-constructed safety glass if you so choose. Gaming doesn't allow you to spectate though, and whatever control you're given in a horror title is nothing more than an elaborate ruse - a sick joke played in the hopes of lulling you into a false sense of security so you don't notice the big bad bogeyman creeping up behind you.

And sometimes, what you find in the darkness is worse than anything you could have possibly imagined. Demons, devils, serial killers and monsters - there's a ghoul for every gamer's worst nightmare. With Halloween right around the corner, there's no better time to discuss, dissect and examine the medium's scariest creations.


20. Scissorman - Clock Tower

clock tower scissorman
Human Entertainment

Before the Nemesis, there was Scissorman, one of gaming's greatest slashers. Brandishing a ridiculously large pair of shears, Scissorman takes sadistic pleasure in stalking Clock Tower's helpless heroine all throughout the isolated Barrows Mansion.

As one of Scissorman's potential victims, your very limited list of options basically boils down to: run, or hide. And whether you like it or not, you'll do plenty of both, because Scissorman doesn't know the meaning of restraint. Clock Tower's emphasis on point-and-click gameplay further heightens the sense of utter helplessness by denying you direct control over Jennifer's actions, forcing you to quickly scramble for a hidey-hole the second you even think Scissorman's near.

Two can play at that game though, and it's easy to find yourself on the business end of the demonic imp's scissors after a surprise attack if you're not careful. The little dude may not be much to long at, but there's something undeniably disturbing about the idea of a psychotic child with a fetish for evisceration.


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